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Una bellissima collaborazione con Orto da Coltivare, Pietro Isolan, Giovanni Ermini (YouTube Chanel Ortodacoltivare)

Mirroring. a project for FlorenceBiennale 2023

14-21 October 2023
Fortezza da basso, Florence, Italy
Theme of the XIV edition: I AM YOU
Special Project and Speaker
Mirroring, performative installation
“An installation that spreads with and among the public.”


Opening Ceremony, 5 October 2023
Zappeion, Athens, Greece
Guest Artist and Speaker
Keynote speech on “Art between Participatory and Ephemeral Installation”
Collective exhibition, Zappeion
World Olymp’Arts Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting artistic expression and cultural exchange, aiming to take up the artistic competition initiated in Ancient Greece in 566 BC.
The World Olymp’Arts Council hosts every four years OLYMP’ARTS, a world-class art festival and celebration open to artists worldwide. This year’s OLYMP’ARTS focuses on issues closely related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the theme “Environment, Climate, and Energy”.


7-14 October 2023, Halles Saint-Géry, Brussels, Belgium
Selected Artist and Speaker
Collective Exhibition
On the occasion of the United Nations Mental Health Awareness Week, the Ligue Bruxelloise pour la Santè Mentale promotes INVISIBLE, an art exhibition and a series of events at the heart of Brussels.
Expo (In)visible – It is a collective and collaborative exhibition that aims to explore and make visible the different ways in which art allows self-expression.
This week aims to show the diversity and richness of the mental health care offered in Brussels and to create an open space where everyone can feel welcomed and understood.

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, I joined the Live Radio Panik at 12h to initiate reflection on the role of art in the field of mental health.
How can artistic practice be a tool for emotional expression and well-being?
A rich and inspiring discussion with artists, curators, and health professionals about the connection between art and mental health.
Link podcast YouTube : ou sur Radio Panik :

Cocoon, Opera site-specific,

site –specific installation for Tepidarium del Roster, Giardino dell’Orticoltura, Firenze.
On the occasion of the Fair Mostra Piane e Fiori, 25.04-1.05.2023 Società Toscana di Orticultura, with the Patronage of the Tuscany Region
“An immersive sensory work that plays with the harmony and magic of the Tepidarium. Cocoon is a protected space, a place of transformation. The invitation is to dive into this dimension of beauty and lightness.”

Società Toscana Orticultura, Mostra Piante e Fiori

TG3 Toscana


24.04-4.04.2023, Saletta Campolmi, Prato

Creative Energy The exhibition – under the patronage of the Municipality of Prato, the Tuscany Region and in partnership with the Education Department of the “Luigi Pecci” Center for Contemporary Art and the Educational Section of the Textile Museum – is proposed as a space where the artist he is an animator who invites the visitor to listen to his own individuality and creativity to in turn become the protagonist of an installation that aims at collective participation.
The works presented, in fact, are interactive installations that come to life with the active, tactile and physical participation of visitors of all ages. The invitation to the public is therefore to interact, to touch, to move in space, to feel free, creative and, above all, to have fun, playing, assembling, wrapping, disassembling

The exhibition is, an ever-changing space of art, play and conviviality.

Energia Creativa, 23.03-4.04.2023, Saletta Campolmi, Prato –
ENERGIA CREATIVA, mostra di Sara Del Bene – An ever-changing space of art, play and conviviality . Con il patrocinio della Regione Toscana e del Comune di Prato Città di Prato
In partenariato con il dipartimento educazione del Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci e la Sezione Sezione Didattica del Museo del Tessuto

Cocoon, Immersive installation

30 September -2 October 2022 , Firenze

Tepidarium del Roster, Giardino dell’Orticultura di Firenze

Festival BIODIVER CITY – St Gilles, Bruxelles TrilitheAsbl

Installation PLAYGROUND 2019- Sara Del Bene

FlorenceBiennale . 23-31 October 2021

EXPATS…Back to the Roots

Estampille ART GALLERY, September 2020, Brussels

L’Estampille ArtGallery, Brussels, 2020
Have a creative day! 2020, Brussels
Have a creative day!, Brussels, 2020
Have a creative day! , a Collective Performance, Brussels 2020
PalyGround, Brussels 2019
PalyGround, Brussels 2019
PalyGround, a Collective Performance, Brussels 2019
Collective Mandala, Brusselsy 2018
Collective Mandala, 2018
a Collective Performance, Brussels, February 2018
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